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Did you know about a business born in a metal box

This little story is not about our business but about how a simple solution can go a long way in making lives…

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How a break-in led to a breakthrough

Home break-ins can be devastating. But they can also make us think out of the box and open our eyes to new…

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??? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ?????????.

??? ?? ? ????. Businesses may be powered by money. But they are built on trust. Here's how we built our business.…

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Work Ethic: It really works

Employers look for it, productivity depends on it, satisfaction results from it, and career advancement is the direct consequence. What is it?…

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We’re more alike, my friend, than we are different

Today, as I sat down to collect my thoughts on the topic of sameness, I couldn't help but think of these lines…

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Resilience, and the human spirit’s ability to survive

I absolutely love to speak about the subject of ‘Resilience, and the human spirit's unwavering ability to survive’ as it is something…

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Community Wellbeing and its signs

"Community wellbeing is the combination of social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions identified by individuals and their communities as essential for…

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What does it take to start a new business?

As your local councilor, I interact with many dedicated business owners and their teams, and I take the time to hear about…

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Reena Jethi wins Ministers’ Award

Ministers’ Award for Women in Local Government Congratulations are in order for Councillor Reena Jethi for yet another achievement in her illustrious…

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We all love open Spaces

As a councillor as well a member of the community, I am a firm believer in creating and preserving open spaces in…

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Need to generate employment

When we discuss the need to generate employment, we just cannot forget the fact that regular and sustainable employment generation within any…

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Helping businesses affected by Covid19

Many of us have lived in The Hills Shire all our lives and know almost every corner of it. I am going…

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Supporting local businesses

Let me say it at the outset, I am a big supporter of local small businesses, and there are many reasons for…

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Thank you Teacher

Having been a teacher myself, I have always been a keen observer of the events and changes in the education industry. The…

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Women’s Empowerment

Of all the subjects, women's empowerment is the closest to my heart. Not the least because I am a woman myself. Growing…

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Welcome back, businesses!

Dear Business Owners I am sure you are all excited to get your business ready for Monday. As the state reaches a…

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What makes Kuber Vaults an ideal safe deposit locker facility?

& Secure

When you get a licence for a safe deposit box at Kuber Vaults, you can rest assured that your valuable are safe and secure, and yet within your easy reach.

Access 7 Days
A Week*

Kuber Vaults provides you access to your valuables 7 days a week. We also offer you after-hours access to your Safe Deposit Box. Conditions and charges apply.*Castle Hill location only


The premises of Kuber Vaults has 24-hour CCTV for constant surveillance of the facility and to ensure complete safety of your valuables.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Safe Deposit Box?

A safe deposit box is secure storage of valuables for individuals and businesses to store items, documents, and assets. These boxes are placed securely inside a vault and are designed to offer a high level of security and protection against theft, fire, flood, and other potential hazards.

What can be stored in a Safe Deposit Box?

A safe deposit box can be used to store important documents like wills, deeds, and property titles; valuable items such as jewellery and precious metals; and digital media like external hard drives, data backups, and sensitive digital files (e.g., encrypted data).

Is there a Safe Deposit Box Facility in Western Sydney?

Kuber Vaults is located in Castle Hill - easily accessible from all parts of Sydney.

Is a Safe Deposit Box the same as a Locker to store valuables?

Yes, what is known as a Locker in some countries is called a Safe Deposit Box in others.

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