Document Storage

The world is going paperless. But important documents are not out of our lives just yet. We have files and folders containing critical information such as House Deeds, Certificates, Bonds, and many more paper-based sources of information which are as important as they are vulnerable to damage. What’s more, Legal papers, medical data, and financial records are sometimes irreplaceable. You need to secure these documents in a safe deposit box.

Kuber Vaults, a safe deposit box facility in Castle Hill, can help you. We understand the importance of safeguarding your records, may it be a piece of personal information or business reports. Lockers at Kuber Vaults offer you the convenience of keeping all your documents safe and secure from exposure to water or fire and indeed, theft. Equipped with the latest safety technology we provide peace of mind by protecting the priceless valuables you couldn’t afford to lose.

Document Storage

Our document storage

With reinforced concrete walls and multilayered security, Kuber Vaults safe deposit boxes are designed to keep all types of valuables safe. Our secured vaults provide the highest level of security for your vital documents.

Our document storage solutions go above and beyond, providing technology coupled with customer service to keep essential information secure and in good condition. Original copies of important documents deserve nothing less.

Lockers at Kuber Vaults come in 6 different sizes for your convenience. The facility is equipped with an alarm system and smoke detectors for complete protection. Our vaults are made out of the finest materials so they can resist fire and flood much better than conventional safes.

Kuber vaults provide a range of document storage options. Whether you need a location to keep a few personal documents or a safe place for a vast stack of company documentation – Kuber Vaults has a storage solution for you.

What type of documents need safe storage?

There are many documents generally kept around the house which actually need to be stored offsite at a facility like Kuber Vaults. Here are some examples:

  • Medical Documents
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Wills
  • Financial Documents
  • Property Deed and Car Title
Document Storage


Why choose Kuber Vaults in securing your important documents?


Kuber Vaults is equipped with all the necessary technology and service to safeguard all your valuables. We have 24/7 security and surveillance to ensure peace of mind for our customers.


You can access your safe deposit box at Kuber Vaults any number of times for no extra charge. Kuber Vaults is open 7 days a week so that you don’t need to spend your weekend accessing your locker.


Kuber Vaults has no access to your safety box to assure complete privacy and maximum security. The locker or safe deposit box can only be opened with twin keys.

Peace of mind

When all your secure storage needs are taken care of, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your valuables are secure.

Customer Service

Security of valuables is close to people’s hearts. While Kuber Vaults has the latest technology at work for you, we also have trained, professional staff to help you at every step.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Safe Deposit Box?

A safe deposit box is secure storage of valuables for individuals and businesses to store items, documents, and assets. These boxes are placed securely inside a vault and are designed to offer a high level of security and protection against theft, fire, flood, and other potential hazards.

What can be stored in a Safe Deposit Box?

A safe deposit box can be used to store important documents like wills, deeds, and property titles; valuable items such as jewellery and precious metals; and digital media like external hard drives, data backups, and sensitive digital files (e.g., encrypted data).

Is there a Safe Deposit Box Facility in Western Sydney?

Kuber Vaults is located in Castle Hill - easily accessible from all parts of Sydney.

Is a Safe Deposit Box the same as a Locker to store valuables?

Yes, what is known as a Locker in some countries is called a Safe Deposit Box in others.

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