Who is looking after your daughter’s wedding jewellery?

April 24, 2021 admin_kuber

Being the mother of a daughter comes with a million dreams. The biggest of them all is to see your princess married and live a life full of prosperity and love. While marriage is too far down the road for a child, it doesn’t stop mothers from putting aside money and assets for it even decades in advance.

Especially if you come from the Indian subcontinent, you want to see your princess bride loaded with gold. While other cultures may look at it differently, you believe in the sense of security that comes with possessing gold. It has been part of our psyche for centuries.

Who is looking after your daughter’s wedding jewellery?

Sense of security, now that is something to think about. While we accumulate precious jewellery ornaments at home, we often tend to forget that home is probably the least secure place for valuables. Homes get broken into easily and with alarming regularity. Homes belonging to people from the Indian subcontinent are a particular favourite with burglars because they expect to find jewellery there.

But you wouldn’t let them find any jewellery to steal, would you? Here is how.

While you invest in jewellery, spend a little more and enjoy peace of mind through the years. Because for just $264 a year, you can hire a locker at Kuber Vaults and store all your valuables in it. No worry, no stress.

Kuber Vaults – your perfect storage solution for valuables
Kuber Vaults is a world class safe deposit box (Locker) facility with state-of-the-art security features such as biometric security and 24 hour surveillance to ensure security for our clients’ valuables. We have a range of locker sizes to choose from and a dedicated customer service team to give you complete value for money and of course, total peace of mind.

  • Open Monday to Sunday, including public holidays
  • Convenient Castle Hill location
  • World class security protocol
  • 5 different safety locker sizes to suit your needs
  • Prices starting from as low as $18 a month

Kuber Vaults provides 5 conveniently sized safe deposit box sizes to suit varied safekeeping requirements for your valuables and precious items. Our smaller boxes are perfect for the storage of cash, jewellery, precious metals, valuable coins and computer back-up discs while mid-sized range containers are designed for securely retaining documents and papers, house deeds, wills or similar significant items.

The largest boxes are ideal for extensive items such as luxury watch collections or previously boxed jewellery. In addition to our secured, locker box sizes, we also offer a walk-in Safe Room which is ideal for securing and protecting large items such as paintings, sculptures and other art works, as well as valuable furniture or other large and precious items

Remember, safety starts with awareness and security starts with Kuber Vaults. To sign up with Kuber Vaults call 1800 058 237 or visit www.kubervaults.com.au

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