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At Kuber Vaults we understand that valuables come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them can fit into a locker. Some of them such as Paintings, Artifacts and Antiques, etc may not fit into conventional safety deposit boxes. Yet there are times when having them at home may not be a safe option for certain reasons.

To accommodate our customers’ needs and provide a safe and protected environment to store these valuable items, we have a Safe Room adjacent to the lockers where all such items can be stored safely and securely. You can pack them as per your preference and rest assured that your special valuables are safe at Kuber Vaults.


The world is going paperless. But important documents are not out of our life just yet. We have files and folders containing critical information such as House Deeds, Certificates, Bonds and many more paper-based sources of information which are as important as they are vulnerable to damage.

Lockers at Kuber Vaults offer you the convenience of keeping all your documents safe and secure from exposure to water or fire and indeed, theft.


Data of all kinds is important. Whether it originates at home in terms of pictures, albums, important documents, or at work in terms of critical information saved in hard drives. While data is safe in hard drives, there is little protection for the drive itself.

With a locker at Kuber Vaults, you can keep all your data safe and secure. Free from any possible damage arising out theft, fire or flood. With so much riding on ‘soft’ information, it is great to know that Kuber Vaults provides you an effective storage solution for data.


Jewellery is among the proudest possessions for a woman. Like all things precious, it is also prone to being stolen or damaged if not looked after well. An average home is simply not built to offer any special security for such valuable items.

Having a locker at Kuber Vaults right here in Castle Hill gives you the peace of mind in terms of security and the convenience of easy access to it any day of the week.

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Great concept - safety and convenience at a good price.
Access your valuables when you need them not
when you can get up to the city.

Good location!! No need to go to the city.
Something near home...

Super secure! Friendly staff!
Highly recommended!!

It’s what Sydney has needed for a long time...
a safety deposit box to store your valuables.

Very fortunate to have this great service in the Hills!

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