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April 24, 2021 admin_kuber

Diwali is known as the festival of lights all over the world. But for Indians, it is also the time to connect with friends and family.

There is one tradition that is recognized among almost everyone who celebrates Diwali – the exchanging of gifts and the purchasing of goods for the home. Purchasing and/or exchanging gifts of gold and silver is especially popular, as it is believed that the precious metal will help attract wealth and prosperity. Among those who celebrate the birth of Lakshmi, the first day of Diwali, called “Dhanteras,” is a day of purchasing and exchanging gold with friends and family.

Not surprisingly, around the time of Diwali, world gold demand rises and therefore its value reaches a peak. This is a very typical trend which happens year after year – infact in 2016, the price jumped massively by 3.9 percent.

With this in mind, if you’ve decided to purchase gold for Diwali this year, either as a present for a loved one or as a sound financial investment, it’s highly worth keeping an eye on the market and not leaving it too late to make your move –get in there early before the prices go up.

If you’re interested in buying top quality gold coins or bullion Kuber Vaults is the place for you. Drop in to browse our Laksmi, Ganesha coins as well commemorative gold coins selection which can make ideal gifts for loved ones at Diwali. We source our bullion and coins from government approved manufacturers to ensure our clients get the best quality gold available.

At Kuber Vaults, while we sell top quality gold, we are also provide you the most secure storage as well. We are also a world class security facility offering a range of safe deposit lockers in various sizes to suit any requirement.Our smaller boxes are perfect for the storage of cash, jewellery, precious metals, valuable coins and computer back-up discs while mid-sized range containers are designed for securely retaining documents and papers, house deeds, wills or similar significant items.

The largest boxes are ideal for extensive items such as luxury watch collections or previously boxed jewellery. In addition to our secured, locker box sizes, we also offer a walk-in Safe Room which is ideal for securing and protecting large items such as paintings, sculptures and other art works, as well as valuable furniture or other large and precious items.

We are open 7 days a week, even on public holidays to ensure our clients have easy access to their valuables at all times.

So, whether you are buying gold or looking to secure your valuables, Kuber Vaults is the place for you. Call 1800 058 237 to book a visit or visit

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