How secure are your valuables at home?

November 12, 2021 admin_kuber

Our homes are full of things that are precious to us. Some are expensive items such as jewellery, while others may be of sentimental value like heirlooms or of legal importance such as documents.

While we may need some of our valuable items around the house, there are many that we use or see only occasionally. So, we tend to keep them in a safe place in the house.

How secure are your valuables at home?

Safe place in the house? If only it was possible!

The truth is, in a typical home, you can at best hide your valuables. You cannot possibly keep them safe. An average home offers little protection to its contents from fire, flood or burglaries. We have all heard of people losing everything in fires in Victoria or Queensland floods. It is also important to note that home break-ins affect 1 in 40 households in Australia in a year.*

Regardless of the probability of the danger, the fact remains that we all have possessions that we just can’t afford to lose. With limited or no options around the house for their safe keeping, the best solution is likely to be outside the house.

To be more precise, in a safe deposit box at Kuber Vaults in Castle Hill.

Kuber Vaults is a state-of-the-art facility which meets the highest industry standards of construction and safety and offers you a range of safe deposit boxes to suit various requirements. We have spared no efforts to make sure Kuber Vaults – both as a product and a service – gives you complete value for money and of course, total peace of mind. From construction quality to security protocols, expert staff to longer working hours – every aspect of Kuber Vaults has been designed with focus on your convenience.

Within just a few weeks of its launch, Kuber Vaults has been welcomed by hundreds of families in the Hills. We have held dozens of tours of the facility to assure clients of the quality of our operation. People have enjoyed the choice of 5 different sizes of safe deposit boxes with steady uptake of each size by the clients.

The team behind Kuber Vaults comprises of hard working professionals who are committed to delivering quality service to clients at all times. We know what our clients are looking for, and we will make sure their experience at Kuber Vaults is efficient and satisfying, every time.

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